Why a Fur Coat Needs Cleaning and Storage

Does your fur coat really need cleaning and storage during the summer? One of the most important steps after purchasing a fur coat is taking care of your investment. That means yearly cleaning and fur storage. You may not think your coat is dirty, but furs absorb odors and dust just hanging in your closet. Makeup and oils from your hair and hands can cause the hairs to stick together. There is no question, in order to preserve your fur and keep the pelts supple, you should have your fur cleaned and stored in a cold storage vault every summer. This simple move will have your fur looking as beautiful as the day you bought it.


Why a Fur Coat needs Cleaning and StorageCleaning a Fur Coat

Fur coat cleaning is a hands-on process.  First, the lining is inspected and hand cleaned to remove salt stains. Next, the coat is placed in a drum with a sawdust-based material used specifically to clean fur. This process will remove oils, makeup, dirt, and odors.  Then the fur is transferred to another drum and tumbled to remove loose hairs, pollutants, and the cleaning material.

Following the drums, the coat is hand-glazed and conditioned, restoring your fur’s natural sheen.  The final step is a thorough inspection by our seamstress to close an open lining, tighten closures, or repair any tears.

When you have your furs cleaned, take them only to an Authorized Furcare Specialist. Fur cleaning is like no other cleaning process. An Authorized Furcare Specialist uses equipment and materials specifically designed for fur.


Fur Storage

For fur storage maximum protection, you should always choose a professionally run facility with a humidity-controlled and temperature-controlled cold storage vault. Prior to placing your fur coat in the vault, our professionally trained staff will examine the fur, lining, all closures, and pockets.

Cold Storage facilities for fur storage should have:

• 35-55° temperatures
• Humidity controlled between 45 and 55%
• Insect proof
• Theft protection
• Minimal U.V. light exposure
• Ample space for each garment


Can I Store my Fur Coat at Home?

A fur coat should not be stored at your home. Keeping your coat at home in a closet when it is warm will cause the pelts to become dry, brittle, and deteriorate. Because furs absorb odors, you should never use mothballs or a cedar closet to store your precious fur coats. Perfumes, smoke from fireplaces, and cooking are also culprits when it comes to fur.


Kluger Furs On-Site Cold Storage

Kluger Furs offers fur storage and cleaning for all types of furs, shearlings, and leathers. Our on-site cold storage vault is humidity and temperature controlled to maintain the quality of your fur coat. Kluger Furs facility is equipped to protect your fur from insects, damaging light, humidity, and theft.

Kluger Furs is located in Flossmoor, Illinois. We’re 30-45 minutes south of Chicago, 45 minutes to an hour southeast of the Western and Northern Suburbs, and 20 minutes from Northwest Indiana.

Visit our fur salon and on-site cold storage at 3303 Vollmer Road, Flossmoor, Illinois. Call us at 708.799.5577.

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