Where can I Consign a Fur Coat in the Chicago area?

Are you are looking to consign a fur coat or trade in a fur coat in the Chicago area? Kluger Furs has the largest Chicago fur coat outlets. Our Chicago fur outlet is in our fur salon located in the Chicago south suburbs. Kluger Furs DOES NOT purchase used furs. We will meet you by appointment to examine your fur to determine the age and condition. Call 708-799-5577 to schedule an appointment for a consignment. We carry hundreds of fur coats and jackets for women and men — up to 80% OFF! We have fur coats (mink, fox, beaver, sheared beaver, sable, chinchilla, lynx, raccoon, and coyote) and jackets, shearlings, leathers, and more.

Consign fur coat
Consign a fur coat

How Do I Consign or Trade-In a Fur Coat?

Kluger Furs offers our customers two different options. You can trade in your fur towards a new one or we offer consignment in our fur outlet.

Our fur coat trade-in program allows you to trade in your fur coat and apply the value towards the purchase of a new fur, leather, or shearling coat. Once you bring your fur coat to Kluger Furs, it will be inspected by our staff and we will advise you of the suggested resale value. Maybe that long-haired beaver coat is too heavy for you now, or you don’t work downtown anymore, or you’ve lost weight and your coat is too big now! Whatever the reason, trade it in towards a fur that fits the new you!

Another way is on consignment in our fur outlet. We accept fur coats and jackets in good condition. Once your garment is sold and paid in full, you will receive payment for your fur.  All consignment furs must be cleaned first (at your expense) before they can be sold.

Call Kluger Furs today to make an appointment for your fur coat consignment or trade-in at 708.799.5577. We are located at 3303 Vollmer Road in Flossmoor, Illinois.


Do You Sell Used Fur Coats?

We often hear this question and the answer is Yes! We have hundreds of “gently used” fur coats that were traded in. Our Chicago Fur Outlet has items for both women and men from sizes are 0-7X.  Prices range from $49 to $5,995.

In the 55+ years, Kluger Furs has been in business, we’ve developed lifelong friendships. Our customers become members of our “Kluger Family”. When they need a new or gently used fur coat, leather jacket, shearling stroller, or a gift for that special someone, they come to Kluger Furs.


If you are looking to consign your fur coat or trade it in for a new, more fashionable fur, call Kluger Furs today at 708.799.5577.

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