Fur Coat Storage

Kluger Furs in Flossmoor offers fur coat storage and cleaning services for all types of fur coats, shearling coats, and leather coats. If you want your fur coat to last, you should store your coat in cold storage during the summer months. Keeping your coat at home in a closet when it is warm is not good for furs. If the humidity level is too low the natural oils in the pelts will disperse more rapidly causing the garment to become dry and deteriorate.

On-Site Cold Storage Vault

Kluger Furs' state-of-the-art cold storage vault for fur coat storage is located on-site and is humidity and temperature controlled to maintain the quality of your coat. Keeping your fur, leather, or shearling garment at home during the hot summer months can cause irreparable harm. Insects, lack of proper air circulation, light, and high or low humidity levels will contribute to the rapid deterioration of your coat.

Kluger Furs cold storage vault provides:

  • Controlled temperature at 50°
  • Humidity controlled at 50%
  • Insect proof
  • Minimal U.V. light exposure
  • Easy accessibility
Fur Coat Storage

Fur Coat Storage Benefits

To preserve your investment and keep your fur in the best possible condition, professional fur coat storage is imperative. Your fur coat must be kept at the correct temperature to prevent cracking and tearing. Kluger Furs facility is equipped to protect your fur from insects, damaging light, humidity, and theft. In addition, the temperature is kept at 50° because colder temperatures protect fur and leather materials against deterioration and drying.

Prolong the life of your fur and bring it to Kluger Furs for fur coat storage in the summer months. Regardless of where you purchased your coat, we will treat your fur with tender loving care. For more information about furs, visit the International Fur Federation’s website.


Kluger Furs carries a beautiful collection of mink coatsshearlings jacketsleather coats, fox coats, reversible coats, sheared mink coats, cashmere, and outerwear coats for women and men. We have the largest fur outlet in the Chicago region with hundreds of preowned items in all furs, prices, and sizes. Our full-service salon offers 2 on-site cold storage vaults that are temperature and humidity-controlled. All cleaning, conditioning, repairs, and restyles are done in-house. Kluger Furs is located at 3303 Vollmer Road in Flossmoor, Illinois. Contact Kluger Furs at 708-799-5577.

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