Fur Services

Kluger Furs offers a variety of fur services including fur repairs, fur cleaning, fur restyling, fur coat trade-ins, consignment, fur rentals, and fur appraisals. If your coat is torn and needs to be repaired, our expert craftsmen can repair rips, tears, and open linings before it incurs more damage. Annual fur cleaning and sanitizing are a must to protect your investment. You may have a fur coat that needs to be shortened or the closures may need to be replaced or moved. Perhaps you would like the collar or sleeves updated. Kluger Furs can make the necessary repairs and alterations. We will also discuss trading your item for a new fur coat in our salon. Kluger Furs DOES NOT purchase used furs. After a thorough examination by our staff, we will give you suggestions to consider. Fur restyling is an excellent choice especially if there is sentimental value attached to your fur. Placing your fur on consignment in our pre-owned department is an option.

Chicago Fur Outlet

Kluger Furs is one of the largest Chicago fur outlets in the region. Our Chicago Fur Outlet carries hundreds of items for women and men. We have a large collection of gently used mink coats, fox coats, beaver coats, lynx coats, Persian coats, sheared beavers, and reversible sheared mink coats. There are amazing shearling coats and fur-trimmed leather jackets, along with fur capes, boleros, and vests. All pre-owned items are cleaned and sanitized and sold as-is.

Fur ServicesFur Coat Restoration and Repairs

Our fur services are performed on-site in Kluger Furs newly renovated fur workshop. Among other things, our master furrier and expert seamstress repair tears and wear spots on pockets, cuff edges, and hems. Closing open seams in your lining before they become large tears, replacing broken collar stays and closures, and repairing fraying bottom hems immediately, can save you money in the long run. Our knowledgeable staff will examine your fur coat and recommend needed repairs.


Fur Remodeling and Restyling

Fur Services at Kluger Furs wouldn’t be complete without offering fur remodeling. The artistic staff at Kluger Furs will work with you to determine your needs. We have dozens of remodel styles to choose from. Your inherited fur from your grandmother can be completely changed into a contemporary, wearable coat for your lifestyle.

Did you ever consider restyling your fur into a reversible raincoat? Or how about a hip fur vest? Maybe you’d like to trim your denim jacket. At Kluger Furs we can repurpose your fur into a completely different item. The options are seemingly endless. Your fur can be transformed into a sheared, grooved, or dyed one-of-a-kind coat. Make an appointment with one of our designers and see what awaits you.

Trade-In Your Fur Coat

If you have a fur you are not wearing, why not trade-in your fur for a new piece? Just another one of the many fur services we offer at Kluger Furs. Make an appointment to bring your fur coat in and look for a new piece. Kluger Furs has a fabulous selection of furs, shearlings, leathers, and fine outerwear you can apply your trade-in credit towards.

Fur Coat Consignment

Has your lifestyle changed and your fur no longer fits your needs? There are a number of options available to you. After thoroughly examining your fur, Kluger Furs may consider accepting your coat on consignment. Please keep in mind, we DO NOT buy used furs. You may trade it in for something in our salon or let us remodel it into one of the many samples we have to offer. Our newly expanded salon has a used fur department with hundreds of previously enjoyed fur coats for customers to purchase. We host an annual Used Fur Tent Sale in front of our salon. This event draws customers from far and wide to find a fur coat or fur jacket at a fraction of the retail cost. When your item is sold and paid for, you will receive the agreed-upon consignment price.


After you purchase your fabulous new or pre-owned fur coat, Kluger Furs will provide an appraisal for replacement value for your insurance agent to place a rider under your homeowner's policy. For peace of mind, it’s important to keep your investment safe.


Kluger Furs carries a beautiful collection of mink coatsshearlings jacketsleather coats, fox coats, reversible coats, sheared mink coats, cashmere, and outerwear coats for women and men. We have the largest fur outlet in the Chicago region with hundreds of preowned items in all furs, prices, and sizes. Our full-service salon offers 2 on-site cold storage vaults that are temperature and humidity-controlled. All cleaning, conditioning, repairs, and restyles are done in-house. Kluger Furs is located at 3303 Vollmer Road in Flossmoor, Illinois. Contact Kluger Furs at 708-799-5577.

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