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We invite you to read our Kluger Furs Reviews. We are known as fur experts and the Best furrier in Chicago. When you are looking for a place to take your fur coat for cleaningrepairs, or summer storage, or in the market for a mink coat, leather coat, or shearling coat, contact Kluger Furs in Flossmoor.

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Google Furrier Reviews

5-star Google review
“This place is great & if you visit there you MUST ask for Ms. Caroline. Let me start off by saying me & a coworker of mine decided to go to Chicago to get furs because we heard the prices were good there opposed to other states. We both live in the Raleigh/Durham area of NC. So we flew into O'hare and rented a car, after googling a few places we started our mission. We called Kluger furs & Ms. Caroline answered the phone, she was very nice & polite answering every question we had with no hesitation, frustration or attitude because we asked so many questions from price range to selections for men & women. She asked us to come on in & take a look at what they had in stock. We did just that, she greeted us & took her time with us as we are novices when it comes to furs & minks. She educated us & even stated that they priced matched if it was the same exact thing. when we left to check out another store we told her we would be back, she said ok & was still polite and thanked us for coming by. We came back & both brought beautiful pieces from her a couple hours later. If you are looking for a nice fur or mink I HIGHLY suggest Kluger Furs & specifically to ask for Ms. Caroline, she is absolutely the best. You don't get GREAT customer service like that everywhere.”
– Damon Brooks, Google Review


5-star Google review
“Owning multiple furs and using other Furriers over the years, I quickly learned that Kluger Furs is the best. Not only did I have all of my items cleaned, repaired and stored, I also purchased a new full length as well as had a coat restyled. Warm, welcoming and friendly fast service. I won’t be using anyone but Kluger Furs moving forward! Thank you!!!”
– Betty McCants, Google Review


5-star Google review
“Best Furrier In The State Of Illinois. Great Customer Service And Many Great Selection And Great Location In Flossmoor, Illinois.”
– Linda White, Google Review


5-star Google review
“For decades Kluger Furs has been a mainstay in our family from my Dad’s initial purchase for Mom until her demise in November 2018. Ms. Jeri has been our salesperson and is the most caring and patient person to do business with. She’s assisted me in every purchase I’ve made through the years and I couldn’t be more pleased with her guidance. The only reason I didn’t purchase from her this year is due to my relocation to a much warmer climate after retirement. Thanks again Kluger Furs for being committed to customer concerns and my family and I salute you Jeri for always a job well done.”
– Ron Barrett, Google Review


5-star Google review
“I needed fur repair and/or re-design for two mink jackets that were designed by Pauline’s many years ago. While searching for a furrier, I discovered the website for Kruger Furs. I drove from Highland, IN to Flossmoor, Illinois in order to check them out. WOW!!! What a wonderful surprise. George hung up my coats. Larry came out to examine them. Everyone was welcoming and helpful. Larry showed me coats like mine and suggested that I consider something new. I was amazed at the prices and the updated looks. My old coats began to feel old outdated and not worth the cost of repair.

I purchased a beaver jacket because it had a fashion-forward, young look and was super warm. Also, I purchased a black mink jacket with a fox collar that looked elegant and sophisticated. They rushed adding my initials in time for my trip to California. The two purchases fulfilled my need to update my fur collection at a cost less than the repair of my other jackets. The next day, Geri helped me to add gorgeous lattice woven leather and cashmere red gloves and a black knit hat to finish off my look.

I highly recommend that you visit Kruger’s. I plan to take my sister to Kluger Furs when she visits for Christmas since it is an outstanding store with superb prices, personnel, and service.”
– Martha Harris, Google Review


5-star Google review
“Over the years I’ve had great experiences with Kluger Furs which included purchases, storage, and repairs. The staff is always professional and knowledgeable. The next time you’re looking to purchase a fur, redesign or storage, check out Kluger you won’t be disappointed.”
– Linda Stanford, Google Review


5-star Google review
“I just left Kluger Furs in Flossmoor and I cannot thank Ms. Gerri Avant and Mr. Larry Kluger. I was extremely nervous leaving my mink fur coat in March. The coat is extremely sentimental, and from day one they both provided me with the needed comfort that everything would be fine. I had the coat’s lining redone, arms lengthened and monogrammed. Ms. Gerri called me today to come to check my coat, as my requests had been completed. I just left Kluger and I’m speechless. The work was impeccable and I’m beyond pleased. I thank them both for their suggestions and for making my coat even more gorgeous. It’s winter-ready thanks to Kluger Furs.”
– Resha Parham, Google Review


5-star Google review
“I want to share my wonderful experience at Kluger Furs in Flossmoor Restyling Event. Sarkis was extremely helpful and very patient; his primary goal is to please the customer. He took the time to find out my likes and dislikes. He had me try on various coats to help me decide on the style and length that I loved! I am very appreciative of Sarkis patience as I didn’t feel rushed or pressured! I also brought my shearling coat to be restyled and he said “there’s nothing to be done” the coat is fine as is! A comment like this was very impressive because it demonstrated that “a sale” wasn’t the primary objective. The store owners (Larry and Sue) are very accommodating and pleasant and have set the tone for the staff in general. Congratulations on your 60th anniversary – it’s easy to see why your business has been successful for six decades. Thank you!”
– Fredia Wynne, Google Review


5-star Google review
“Since finding Kluger Furs I have not bought a coat for my wife or myself anywhere else. Their service and support are outstanding. Their knowledge of furs & leathers is beyond belief. Larry and the entire staff never once pressured us to buy anything. They would just continue to show us options, new and used until we found what we liked. We have bought & traded in several Furs & leathers from Kluger Furs and I have always felt I got a great deal. They also clean & store the Furs for the summer in a climate-controlled room, how convenient. They have definitely gained a life long customer. 5 Stars for sure!!! A must-see store!!!”
– Eugene White, Google Review


5-star Google review
“Love our coats! My husband and I purchased new winter coats and have received SO many compliments! Kluger Furs is the only place to go for coats. I have a wool/cashmere blend with fur trim, my husband has a shearling, we bought our son a leather, and our daughter-in-law a beautiful jacket with neither leather nor fur – ALL GORGEOUS!”
– Gayla Smith, Google Review


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Yelp Furrier Reviews

5-star Google review
“We came in today at the last minute. However, Mr. and Mrs. Kluger showed us everything we wanted to see. They had a wonderful selection. We purchased a beautiful fur coat, and it was my first one. My husband and I were very very pleased with the selection and the service. We look forward to coming back to this location again in the future to buy another for coat hopefully soon. Mr. and Mrs. Kluger were wonderful and I recommend their location to anyone because they have a very wide variety, good selection, excellent prices, and phenomenal service.”
— Diva 4, Yelp Review


5-star Google review
“I found KF on Yelp.  The positive reviews are what inclined me to pay them a visit today.  I had my fur coat for about 15 or 16 years. The owner accepted it as a trade-in & I was able to find another one!!!!  I was also able to put it in lay-a-way and I’ll have that beauty in less than 2 months!!  Karen, the sales consultant, was phenomenal!!!  I’ve already stated that I’ll be putting another one in lay-a-way when I get this one!  Thank you Kluger Furs . . . You truly make the customer feel like family.”
— K’Shea M., Yelp Review


5-star Google review
“I ran in last-minute shortly before closing and met Caroline. She worked really hard to help me find my mother a birthday gift. I never felt rushed at all. My mother loved it but unfortunately, it was the wrong size. I brought my mother back and Caroline was so patient kind and understanding with my mother who is elderly. Anything my mother wanted or needed she was quick to assist. The coat didn’t have any external pockets…no problem we can add one. In the end, my mother was glowing with happiness. I’ll be back for sure because in addition to excellent customer service they have some beautiful unique items.
— Charisse M., Yelp Review


5-star Google review
“After a few years of not wearing my treasured mink, I decided it was time to pull it out, have it cleaned and glazed, and then consider my options.  My lifestyle has changed from urban to suburban, so I just feel silly wearing it.  I brought it into Kluger furs a few months back, not understanding that storage is by the calendar year rather than the length of time.   My bad.

When I arrived to.pick it up it was still being processed.  Thankfully I had not needed it over Christmas.  When I returned a few days later, the owner had the pockets sewn up at no charge.   He had prepared an estimate of value for my insurance as requested, and he took pains to answer my questions. Now THAT is the kind of customer service that keeps small business thriving.  It was impressive enough to recommend this furrier to anyone wanting to buy new, restyled or used furs in the burbs.   You will not be disappointed.”
— Barbara S., Yelp Review


5-star Google review
“I love Kluger furs, they take good care of you and your Furs!!  Also, they restyled a Mink for me and did a phenomenal job!!!  I will be a customer for life, they are very professional and very warm and nice !!”
— Chitra M., Yelp Review


5-star Google review
“Having bought a couple of furs from Larry I must say this is the place to go in the southern burbs. From the big selections of new and previous loved furs to the storage for the summertime, it is a great store. The store is in a great location and the staff is very wonderful. I will be a long customer.”
— Joel R., Yelp Review


5-star Google review
“A real gem in the south suburbs! Larry, Sue and the whole staff are knowledgeable & friendly. I’ve been 100% satisfied with the storage options and repairs I’ve had done. Prices are very reasonable. Thrilled that I found them – I’ll be a long-term customer for sure!”
— Diana F., Yelp Review


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Facebook Reviews

5-star Google review
“Thank you Kluger Furs for making such beautiful coats and providing superb customer satisfaction with your personalized customer service. Your attention to detail in finding the perfect coat that I was looking for was spectacular. I receive compliments everywhere I go, on my newest fur addition. I also cannot say enough about the selection of coats you have not to mention all the accessories carry in your store. All I can say is that “I am obsessed with the extras”. I am told that I am the perfect gift giver and it is because I can find gifts for my family and friends and any price level. Just opening a box that has “Kluger Furs” on it, is like opening a box of Godiva chocolates. Yummm”
– Denise Ciofalo-Aurelio, Facebook Review


5-star Google review
“I purchased a mink jacket (through layaway) last year but I didn’t like it at all. I never wore it. Also, I lost a lot of weight and the jacket was too big for me. I talked to Caroline and she talked to Larry. Long story short, I now have a nicer jacket that I absolutely love. They worked with me and now I’m so happy. Thank you, Caroline Kennedy and Larry Kluger, you’re the best.”
– Sheila Dunn Freeman, Facebook Review


5-star Google review
“I went into Kluger Furs today and was so impressed with the gorgeous layout of the newly remodeled Fur Shearling and Leather Store. As always I was treated so nicely by the wonderful sales associates and I was so impressed by the fantastic selection of coats.
Just in time for the cold weather too !”
– Betti Kline Goldberg, Facebook Review


5-star Google review
“I am so impressed with Kluger Furs, the service is great they are so accommodating and patient. And the furs are beautiful! I could not make up my mind about where to place the top button on the new mink and was able to return it for a more appropriate placement that had been suggested originally. I even had one of my coats lining repaired and it was done beautifully and timely. And Kluger is local practically in our back yard!”
– Bonnye Johnson, Facebook Review


5-star Google review
“I just received the best service at Kluger Furs! My husband took me to Kluger for my birthday! What a fun-filled day of shopping. Beautiful items and fantastic service….my favorite place to shop. Thank you honey, you’re the best!”
— Laura Lukasik, Facebook Review


5-star Google review
“I love that place they were very very friendly Mr. Kluger was very friendly himself I left there very satisfied and I would recommend anyone to them Ho, Ho, Ho, and Merry Christmas 2 Kluger furs.”
— Verlean Dunigan, Facebook Review


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"Hi Larry! I wanted to let you know I received the package. I also wanted you to know how much I appreciate the excellent service you provided regarding my fur storage and shipping. The furs were packed very well and I very much appreciated the garment bags and hangers. The attention to detail, great communication skills, excellent follow up and follow through, made my experience even better than I expected. I look forward to storing my items with you go forward."
— Linda Stanford


5-star Google review
“Was referred to Kluger Furs by close friends who have used them for many years. Had an amazing experience there. Great expertise, wonderful selection and great pricing. What more could you ask for? Service you ask? Yes, that as well. They have full fur and shearling service regarding fitting, modifications and storage. I went to get a shearling long coat and found an amazing one that I expect to have for many, many years – taking me well through the Chicago winter so far. My wife came along and of course, we could not leave without finding something for her – but she had to out do me – she found 2 coats! See Larry and have a great experience.”
— Barry E., Google+ Review

Kluger Furs carries a beautiful collection of mink coatsshearlings jacketsleather coats, fox coats, reversible coats, sheared mink coats, cashmere, and outerwear coats for women and men. We have the largest fur outlet in the Chicago region with hundreds of preowned items in all furs, prices, and sizes. Our full-service salon offers 2 on-site cold storage vaults that are temperature and humidity-controlled. All cleaning, conditioning, repairs, and restyles are done in-house. Kluger Furs is located at 3303 Vollmer Road in Flossmoor, Illinois. Contact Kluger Furs at 708-799-5577.

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