• Ready for a Beach Party Blowout Sale?
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    It’s that time of year again. Summer is drawing to a close and the kids are back at school. We are doing some summer cleaning, organizing, and making room for some fabulous fall inventory. On Thursday, August 25 through Saturday, August 27, Kluger Furs is having a Beach Party Blowout Sale!


    Beach Party Blowout Sale… The Lowest Prices of the Season

    You won’t believe the markdowns at our Beach Party Blowout Sale! Prices are slashed, slashed, and slashed again. Some items BELOW cost. No kidding. Come see for yourself. Accessories start at only $25. Leather jackets for men and women start at $99. Unbelievable savings on shearlings and furs, too! Racks of furs at $299, $499, $999. Even minks are marked down to $1,999!

    Our Beach Party Blowout Sale is for 3 days only. Thursday, August 25- Saturday August 27, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Hurry in while prices are slashed to the lowest of the season.


    Kluger Furs in Flossmoor

    Kluger Furs is located in Flossmoor, Illinois. We are at 3303 Vollmer Road, the north side of Vollmer Road between Governors Highway and Kedzie Avenue in Flossmoor, Illinois. Our fur salon is about 30-45 minutes south of Chicago, 45 minutes to an hour southeast of the Western and Northern Suburbs, and 20 minutes from Northwest Indiana. Call us at 708-799-5577, or visit our fur salon today.


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  • Why a Fur Coat needs Cleaning and Storage
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    Does your fur coat really need cleaning and storage during the summer? One of the most important steps after purchasing a fur coat is taking care of your investment. That means yearly cleaning and fur storage. You may not think your coat is dirty, but furs absorb odors and dust just hanging in your closet. Makeup and oils from your hair and hands can cause the hairs to stick together. There is no question, in order to preserve your fur and keep the pelts supple, you should have your fur cleaned and stored in a cold storage vault every summer. This simple move will have your fur looking as beautiful as the day you bought it.

    fur coat glazing     fur coat repairs

    Cleaning a Fur Coat

    Fur coat cleaning is a hands-on process.  First, the lining is inspected and hand cleaned to remove salt stains. Next the coat is placed in a drum with a saw dust based material used specifically to clean fur. This process will remove oils, makeup, dirt and odors.  Then the fur is transferred to another drum and tumbled to remove loose hairs, the pollutants and the cleaning material.

    Following the drums, the coat is hand glazed and conditioned, restoring your furs natural sheen.  The final step is a thorough inspection by our seamstress to close an open lining, tighten closures, or repair any tears.

    When you have your furs cleaned, take them only to an Authorized Furcare Specialist. Fur cleaning is like no other cleaning process. An Authorized Furcare Specialist uses equipment and materials specifically designed for fur.

    Fur Storage

    For fur storage maximum protection, you should always choose a professionally run facility with a humidity controlled and temperature controlled cold storage vault. Prior to placing your fur coat in the vault, our professionally trained staff will examine the fur, lining, all closures and pockets.

    Cold Storage facilities for fur storage should have:

    • 35-55° temperatures
    • Humidity controlled between 45 and 55%
    • Insect proof
    • Theft protection
    • Minimal U.V. light exposure
    • Ample space for each garment

    Can I Store my Fur Coat at Home?

    A fur coat should not be stored at your home. Keeping your coat at home in a closet when it is warm will cause the pelts to become dry, brittle and deteriorate. Because furs absorb odors, you should never use moth balls or a cedar closet to store your precious fur coats. Perfumes, smoke from fire places and cooking are also culprits when it comes to fur.

    Kluger Furs On-Site Cold Storage

    Kluger Furs offers fur storage and cleaning for all types of furs, shearlings and leathers. Our on-site cold storage vault is humidity and temperature controlled to maintain the quality of your fur coat. Kluger Furs facility is equipped to protect your fur from insects, damaging light, humidity and theft.

    Kluger Furs is located in Flossmoor, Illinois. We’re 30-45 minutes south of Chicago, 45 minutes to an hour southeast of the Western and Northern Suburbs, and 20 minutes from Northwest Indiana.

    Visit our fur salon and on-site cold storage at 3303 Vollmer Road, Flossmoor, Illinois. We are open Monday – Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM. Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM.

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  • Should I Store My Fur Coat?
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    Store My Fur CoatWe are often asked, should I store my fur coat? I didn’t wear it that much, do I have to clean it?

    After the past winter we had, I can’t stress enough how important it is to take care of your investment by storing, cleaning and conditioning your fur coat. Kluger Furs cold storage vault is humidity controlled and onsite. Mr. Pierre has been cleaning and glazing furs for over 35 years…and he’s seen EVERYTHING.

    Even if you didn’t wear it, furs absorb odors…and dust. So, yes, clean and condition it. Take care of your investment.

    Be Creative. Recycle Your Fur.

    And why aren’t you wearing it? Trade it in. Restyle it into something you WILL wear, something that fits your lifestyle. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did.

    Fur coats can last for decades. They are often passed down for generations if taken cared of. You can extend the life of your fur and have it remodeled or restyled. Because of the durability of fur, a growing trend for young ladies who inherit a fur coat is to let their creativity run wild by restyling the fur into a style that accommodate their own lifestyle.

    The interest in recycled furs has spurred more designers to apply their creative vision towards developing exciting new remodeling styles. There are a few key trends for ladies looking to update their furs.

    Restyle Fur Trends

    recycle your furShort Coats and Jackets

    The easiest and quickest way to transform an outdated fur coat is to cut the length. Traditionally, when a woman received a fur coat it was long and luxurious. Today’s woman are on-the-go and need something a little less ostentatious and limiting. Running from the gym to late night business dinners, women today have hectic lives. Shorter fur coats or jackets deliver just as much bang for your buck and still deliver the warmth and ease of mobility.

    Add a Belt to Your Fur

    Adding a belt does wonders for any jacket instantly creating a flirty, feminine feel. Any woman who battles a fluctuating waistline can definitely agree the addition of a belt is a wonderful equalizer. Equally flattering, is contoured seaming details which can convert boxy garments into more formfitting silhouettes. The new awakening of women embracing their curves, of all sizes, has the younger set not shying away from pieces that are more tailored to their bodies.

    Fur Vests

    A fur vest is a fabulous way to incorporate texture and create a mixed medium look by layering in different materials.

    Fur Accessories – Home and Personal

    Whether it’s keeping the chill off your neck or cozying up the interior of your home, fur is perfect for any setting and all occasions. “The growth in the adaptive reuse of “recycled” fur is so exciting,” notes Keith Kaplan, fur industry spokesperson. “First, it speaks to the inherent benefits of fur as a sustainable, renewable and recyclable material. And as a more and more used fur is available, either through a new generation inheriting the fur coats worn by their mothers and grandmothers, or through purchasing of vintage or trade-in furs, the demand for fresh, creative new design ideas is spurring the growth of
    remodeling. With so much design and production talent available and excited about this new creative
    platform it is the perfect storm.”

    Kluger Furs is the place to recycle, remodel and restyle your fur! Call us today 708-799-5577. Kluger Furs is a Chicago area furrier located at 3303 Vollmer Road in Flossmoor, Illinois. We are just 30 southwest of Chicago.

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  • Kluger Furs 2015-2016 Forecast
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    International Luxury and Outerwear ExpositionKluger Furs 2015-2016 Forecast is bright with hues of color! Last week, the staff at Kluger Furs attended the International Luxury and Outerwear Exposition (ILOE). There were over 100 vendors and we sought out the most amazing and fashionable new collections for next season.

    The popular trends to watch for are bright hues of color – shades of blue, purple, orange, green and red. Color-blocked plaids, feathered and belted furs, asymmetrical zippers were everywhere from cashmere and leather to shearling and fur.

    The style forecast this upcoming season is the mixing of different furs. Mink with lynx, sheared beaver with fox, and sheared mink with sable. Boleros, jackets, and the ever popular 36″ length topped off with lush collars and enveloping hoods–all warm and very stylish.

    Looking for the perfect accessory? Kluger Furs will have it! Fabulous knit fur hats, scarves, headbands and purses in every color and shape imaginable.

    Not only did we purchase the cutest vests in all furs, colors and textures, the reversible fur to taffeta raincoats are versatile, wearable and will surely keep you warm.

    Get ready for the winter of 2015 with Kluger Furs!

    Kluger Furs Location

    Kluger Furs is a full-service furrier located in Flossmoor, Illinois. Our fur salon is located at 3303 Vollmer Road. We are on the north side of Vollmer Road between Governors Highway and Kedzie Avenue in Flossmoor Commons Shopping Center. Kluger Furs about 30-45 minutes south of Chicago, 45 minutes to an hour southeast of the Western and Northern Suburbs, and 20 minutes from Northwest Indiana.

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  • What happened in Vegas, comes back to Kluger Furs
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    leather eye glass casesSusan and Larry recently returned from a 4-day buying trip in Las Vegas, with 5 different shows in 3 different venues. Besides enjoying the sites in Vegas, they picked up some amazing new lines for Kluger Furs.

    They purchased women’s and men’s leather vests and jackets that are perfect for the spring and fall months. A fantastic new Après ski line, fur trimmed cashmere capes, soft colorful scarves, leather purses, and belts…sure to excite even the most fashion savvy. If you need a unique gift for a person who has everything, keep your eyes peeled for fun leather eye glass cases and “hot lips” makeup bags.


    kluger furs rainwearSpring Shopping at Kluger Furs

    Add a pop of color with a new raincoat for Spring, or take on a new edge and select a tailored knit fabric jacket with multiple, face-framing wired collars! Sue and Larry purchased some great raincoats for the spring. Visit our Outerwear gallery to view our new Spring collection. You’ll find a nice selection of raincoats for women that are  exciting, versatile and colorful! Our new collection of Spring raincoats are lightweight, reversible and water resistant. The water repellant raincoats and jackets are available in different lengths and perfect for both every day wear and evening wear.

    pink jacketPretty in Pink

    Cashmere and fur trimmed capes and fabulous, chic and sophisticated mink reversible jackets. Pink, please? This fun, fushia mink waist length jacket is way beyond basic. Get prepared to energize your wardrobe with daring colors and forward fabrics at Kluger Furs.

    If you are looking for a stylish raincoat or jacket, visit Kluger Furs in Flossmoor, Illinois. We are located at 3303 Vollmer Road, on the north side of Vollmer Road between Governors Highway and Kedzie Avenue in the Flossmoor Commons Shopping Center . Kluger Furs is 30-45 minutes south of Chicago, 45 minutes to an hour southeast of the Western and Northern Suburbs, and 20 minutes from Northwest Indiana.

    If you’re looking for something special and don’t see it on our website, give us a call at 708.799.5577, or email us from our contact page.

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  • Kluger Furs Participates in Homewood Pop Up Shop
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    pop-up-shop-homewoodKluger Furs along with Her Closet Boutique, Great Estate Collectibles and Dunnings Gourmet Market are sharing a Pop Up Shop opening Thursday, October 16 in Homewood.

    Kluger Furs

    Kluger Furs will be selling Pre-owned & New Furs, Leathers, Shearlings & Accessories. Clothing, jewelry and handbags will also be be available to compliment your fur coat. And if you’re looking for something for your home, Antiques, Collectibles and home accessories will be sold.

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