Kluger Furs Answers Questions about Used Furs Coats

Kluger Furs Answers Questions about Used Furs Coats

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We are often asked questions about used furs coats, so below are answers to questions you might have.

Questions about Used Furs CoatsDo you sell used fur coats?

We hear this question often. And the answer is…YES! We have hundreds of used fur coats for both men and women that were traded-in. In fact, a few years ago we opened our “Used Fur Outlet” to house these items.  Sizes are 0-7X and range from $49-$5,995.

What type of used fur coats do you sell?

We have a large selection of mink coats, leather jackets, long-haired beaver coats, men’s mink jackets, fox coats and shearling in a wide array of colors and styles.

Where do the used furs come from?

One thing you can be sure of is things change…lifestyles, residences, body-size…. Maybe that long-haired beaver coat is too heavy for you now, or you don’t work downtown anymore, or you’ve lost weight and your coat is too big now! Maybe your inherited a beautiful fur but it’s not quite “you.” Whatever the reason, Kluger Furs makes it easy to trade in the old towards a fur that fits the new you! Perhaps you’ve relocated to a warmer climate and have no need for your beautiful mink coat.  Kluger Furs offers a consignment option.

Pre owned furs for sale

In the 55+ years Kluger Furs has been in business, we’ve developed lifelong friendships. Our customers become members of our “Kluger Family”. When they need a new fur coat, leather jacket, shearling stroller or a gift for that special someone, they come to Kluger Furs. Our “previously enjoyed” fur coats deserve a good home. We clean, glaze and examine each garment thoroughly before placing it on the sales floor in our used fur outlet.  Our staff is prepared to make the perfect match for you and your lifestyle.  We can make your dream of owning a fur coat a reality for a fraction of the cost of a new garment.

pre owned furs for saleWhere is your Used Fur Outlet?

Our Chicago Used Fur Outlet is at 3305 Vollmer Road in Flossmoor, Illinois, directly next door to our main fur salon. We have the largest selection of used fur coats and accessories for men and women in the Chicago region. We invite you to visit our used fur outlet to see the wonderful selection of fur coats and fur accessories we carry. Just think of the money you’ll save!

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