Fur Services

Kluger Furs, offers a variety of fur services including fur repairs, fur cleaning, fur remodeling, fur coat trade-ins, consignment, and fur appraisals. If your coat is torn and needs to be repaired, our expert craftsmen can repair rips, tears linings before it incurs more damage. You may have a fur coat that needs to be shortened or lengthened. Kluger Furs can make the necessary adjustments. If you want to sell your fur coat or trade it in for a new fur, we can assist you with all your needs.

Fur Outlet

Kluger Furs is one of the largest Chicago fur outlets in the region. Our Chicago Fur Outlet carries hundreds of items for woman and men. We have a large collection of gently used mink coats, fox coats, beaver coats, lynx coats, persian coats, swakara lamb coats, and fut hats and accessories.

fur-servicesFur Coat Restoration and Repairs

Whether you need a repair on your coat, alteration, or a new updated look, the on-site services provided by Kluger Furs experienced artisans are unmatched.

Fur Remodeling

The artistic staff at Kluger Furs will work with you to determine your needs and remodel your fur  to look contemporary and eye-catching.

Trade Your Fur Coat

If you have an old fur and are looking for an exquisite new fur, ask us about our trade in policy. Kluger Furs has a fabulous selection of furs, shearlings and leathers.

Sell Your Fur Coat

If you have a fur that no longer fits or  you inherited the fur from a family member, Kluger Furs will accept your coat on consignment. We have a huge tent sale every fall and a used fur outlet with hundreds of previously enjoyed fur coats for customers to purchase.


After you purchase your fabulous new or pre-owned fur coat, Kluger Furs will provide an appraisal for replacement value to place under your homeowners policy.

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